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BTB Auto Glass Removal

BTB Auto Glass Removal Set

The BTB power tools are the heart of BTB tool kit range, tailored for industries including:

- Auto Glass Removal
- Auto Collision Repair & Vehicle Dealerships (Glass-Moulding-Badge-Panel Removal)
- Automotive Dismantler (Parts Recyclers)
- Bus, Coach, Truck and Rail Glass and Body Panel Maintenance

The BTB battery Powered and air powered WK10HD Tool are specialized reciprocal (in-out) stroke power tools which operate a range of cutting blades, designed to safely remove all automotive glass and components installed with urethane adhesive, without damage to glass or vehicle. The BTB system avoids the use of force and risk of operator injury common with other tools and is endorsed by the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers and user groups. The BTB system incorporates a unique internal and external cutout method, reaching adhesive below dashboards, whilst external cut, powered cold knife blades replace the manual method.

Both power tools will also safely remove body side moldings, badges, emblems and other components bonded with flexible adhesives such as urethane or double-sided tape. All BTB blades can also be operated manually in handles, while the versatile power tools also operate as a powerful hacksaw. Both tools comply to HSE & CE standards with very low levels of noise and vibration.

Both tools provide complete portability, with the E-Tool being battery powered and the air tool can be operated with a small air compressor or small bottle of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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